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NATO-RTO Scientific Publications

NATO's Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) performs research activities that involve workshops, symposia, field trials, lecture series and training courses, in all cases leading to the publication of highly valued scientific literature.

This website, developed by the Greek National Documentation Centre (EKT) in collaboration with NATO-RTO, allows you to search the database of all NATO-RTO scientific publications, to read abstracts and to obtain full-text reports.

The publications included in the database are either freely available without any particular authentication (Unclassified/Unlimited - UU), or available to NATO-RTO meeting participants only, or not available/classified (NU).

NATO Research and Technology Organization

The Research and Technology Organisation (RTO) is the primary NATO organisation for defence science and technology. It consists of the Research and Technology Board, Technical Panels, and Technical Teams and combines the research and technical missions of its predecessing bodies. NATO-RTO was formed in 1998 by the merger of the Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (AGARD) and the Defence Research Group (DRG).

The RTO aims to promote and conduct co-operative research and information exchange amongst 26 NATO nations and 38 NATO partners, to develop and maintain a long-term NATO research and technology strategy, and to provide advice to all elements of NATO on research and technology issues.

In pursuit of this mission, the RTO operates at three levels - the Research and Technology Board, Technical Panels, and Technical Teams - and is supported in its efforts by an executive agency, the Research and Technology Agency.

The Technical Panels, staffed by national representatives and scientific experts, cover the following fields:

  • Applied Vehicle Technology Panel (AVT)
  • Human Factors and Medicine Panel (HFM)
  • Information Systems Technology Panel (IST)
  • System Analysis and Studies Panel (SAS)
  • Systems Concepts and Integration Panel (SCI)
  • Sensors and Electronics Technology Panel (SET)
  • NATO Modelling and Simulation Group (NMSG)
  • Information Management Committee (IMC)